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    VET Resources, Quality RTO Training Resources and RTO Material

    • VET Resources specialises in providing quality RTO Training Resources, VET Training Resources and VET Learning Materials like Learning and Assessments Kits, Learner Resources, Assessment Tools, Session Plan, Class Activity Book, LLN Kits, RPL Kits at an affordable cost.
    • All RTO Learning Resources are developed by a team of skilled instructional designers from different industries to provide audit-ready VET resources for RTOs across Australia.
    • Each resource is created, proofread, and evaluated by experts in the respective fields. No stress for your RTO as our resources meet compliance guidelines and come with an Audit Assist Guarantee at no additional cost.
    • We create VET Resources, RTO Training Resources, and other RTO materials for Certificate I up to the Advanced Diploma level, which are highly suitable for Australian qualifications. We offer training resources for ICT, BSB, CHC, FNS, CPC, HLT, RII, SIT, SHB, AUR, AHC, EAL, CPC and other training packages.
    • All our resources come with answer keys, benchmarking documents & assessment tools, including a unit mapping matrix and guide.
    • We believe in continuous improvement and provide a quality product to our clients. We constantly review, update, and validate our resources to ensure flawless delivery and learning for your trainers and students.


    Streamlining RPL for International Students

    International students are an asset to Australian RTOs, bringing diverse skills and experiences. RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) is crucial for accurately assessing these students and ensuring a smooth study experience.

    RPL Issues: Most Asked Questions Answered

    Ever get a wave of dread when you see an RPL application land on your desk? RPL assessments can be complex and time-consuming, and getting them wrong exposes your RTO to compliance risks.

    Adapting Vocational Education and Training Courses for the Future – Strategies for Future-Proofing

    Because it can develop the abilities required in today’s labour markets and society, Vocational Education and Training (VET) is becoming increasingly important as globalisation of work changes.

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