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    Unlock the Future of Your RTO with Our Exclusive UEE Qualifications!

    With the demand for skilled technicians and trades workers at an all-time high, there has never been a better time to upgrade your resources. VET Resources is excited to offer you a once-in-a-year opportunity to access our extensive range of UEE qualifications at unbeatable prices.

    Addressing the Skills Shortage

    The demand for skilled technicians and trades workers remains high, with 50% of occupations in this category experiencing national shortages in 2023. As outlined in the Skills Priority List, the persistent shortage underscores the need for comprehensive and high-quality training resources.

    Ready-to-Deliver UEE Qualifications

    UEE10120 Certificate I in ElectroComms Skills
    UEE20120 Certificate II in Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems
    UEE20520 Certificate II in Computer Assembly and Repair
    UEE20720 Certificate II in Data and Voice Communications
    UEE20920 Certificate II in Electronic Assembly
    UEE21020 Certificate II in Fire Alarms Servicing
    UEE21220 Certificate II in Antennae Equipment
    UEE21420 Certificate II in Remote Area Power Supply Maintenance
    UEE21620 Certificate II in Security Assembly and Set-up
    UEE21720 Certificate II in Technical Support
    UEE21920 Certificate II in Electronics
    UEE22020 Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start)
    UEE22120 Certificate II in Sustainable Energy (Career Start)
    UEE30820 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician
    UEE30920 Certificate III in Electronics and Communications
    UEE32220 Certificate III in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
    UEE33020 Certificate III in Electrical Fitting
    UEE40220 Certificate IV in Electrical - Data and Voice Communications
    UEE42120 Certificate IV in Electrotechnology - Electrical Contracting
    UEE42720 Certificate IV in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Servicing
    UEE43020 Certificate IV in Electrical Equipment and Systems
    UEE42820 Certificate IV in Air-conditioning Systems Energy Management and Control
    UEE40920 Certificate IV in Industrial Electronics and Control
    UEE40720 Certificate IV in Electronics and Communications
    UEE40620 Certificate IV in Electrotechnology - Systems Electrician
    UEE53020 Diploma of Electrical Systems Engineering
    UEE50520 Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering
    UEE50320 Diploma of Electrical and Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
    UEE50420 Diploma of Electrical Engineering

    Pre-order UEE Qualifications (Available July-August 2024)

    UEE30220 Certificate III in Computer Systems Equipment
    UEE30320 Certificate III in Custom Electronics Installations
    UEE30720 Certificate III in Switchgear and Controlgear
    UEE31220 Certificate III in Instrumentation and Control
    UEE40320 Certificate IV in Installation Inspection and Audits
    UEE40520 Certificate IV in Electrical - Air Conditioning Split Systems
    UEE41020 Certificate IV in Energy Management and Control
    UEE41120 Certificate IV in Electrical - Lift Systems
    UEE41520 Certificate IV in Video and Audio Systems
    UEE42920 Certificate IV in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems
    UEE50122 Diploma of Computer Systems Engineering
    UEE50920 Diploma of Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering



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