Learning and Assessment Kit – UEE10120 – Certificate I in ElectroComms Skills

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Our quality learner and assessment resources come with an audit assurance and update guarantee. These resources are developed by subject matter experts, validated by compliance industry experts, proofread by English experts, and quality assurance checked by compliance experts. Our resources are developed according to ASQA, AQF and training package guidelines. These meet all the training package and compliance requirements set by the government.

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  • Save time and money for your RTO: HUNDREDS of hours and dollars saved in development, validation, proofreading, and formatting.
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  • Avail lifetime updates with no hassles: Receive updated resources with no effort to your RTO at minimum cost until the product is superseded and non-equivalent
  • Developed in consultation with industry experts: Resources designed with information and experience curated to meet industry standards.

Resources includes

A. Learner Resources Package:

  • Learner Guide – In depth information meeting the requirements and information asked for in the performance criteria and knowledge evidence of the unit to help students understand and enhance their skills associated with the particular unit.Visual and engaging content is included in the guide to make it easier for the student to understand the concepts. The information is provided in such a manner that the students can relate those concepts to the real-world environment.The learner guide also includes self-assessment questions after each chapter/performance element which help in checking the understanding of the student of that specific element/chapter.
  • PowerPoint Presentation – An overview of the learner guide for trainers to plan learning sessions better. Contains foundational interpretation of concepts within a unit and includes an overview of the knowledge evidence. Constructed for easy navigation with visual and interactive slides linked with a learner guide.
  • Class Activities Book – This document helps in preparing the student for summative assessment. It assists in checking the basic knowledge of the student with the help of multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, short answer questions, and true or false statements.It also includes small practical activities which prepare the student for the summative assessment. Moreover, the questions are separated as per chapters/elements to make it easier for students to check their knowledge and skill about specific chapters/elements.The documents in pack one are the assessor copy and the student copy. The assessor copy contains benchmarking answers for the questions which make it easier for the trainer to check if the student has basic understanding and knowledge of the unit. The student copy asks the student to write their answers to the questions asked.
  • Self-Study Guide – An additional study material guide for students to help understand concepts clearly and prepare for assessments. The document contains video and web links to help students understand the concepts easily. Each performance criteria has at least 2-3 questions which check whether the student has accessed and used the videos and web pages or not. The self-study guide has an answer key which the trainer can use to check the answers provided by the students. These documents also help RTOs to meet the volume of learning and number of training hours.
  • Session Plan: Guide plan for trainers to help organise class and assessments and deliver classroom learning effectively. It provides an overview of the sessions, what RTO and trainer can include in the sessions, and how they can cover the information related to final assessment with the students. It also helps the trainers to arrange the time to answer student queries. The session plan can be contextualised by the RTOs according to their cohort.

B. Assessment Kit:

Student Assessment Pack:

  • Comprehensive instructions outlining the requirements for each assessment task.
  • Information about the resources required to complete the assessment tasks.
  • An assessment plan that includes the outcome for the unit of competency.
  • Detailed stepwise plan to complete each assessment task.
  • Unit Assessment Result Sheet for each task which provides decision making guidance to the assessor.
  • Detailed information about the practical assessments which makes it easier for the student to understand and complete them.
  • Practical assessments drafted according to the real-world environment to help students get an understanding of and ability to effectively deal with real-world situations, challenges, and expectations.

Trainer Assessment Pack/Marking Guide:

  • Instructions for the trainer and assessor that include the evidence required to complete the assessment
  • Instructions on how and where to access the additional material required to complete the particular or specific assessment task
  • Assessment tasks to check student knowledge and skills
  • Detailed benchmarking answers for knowledge questions and practical assessment tasks to help the trainer and assessor mark the student’s submission
  • Detailed instructions for the students and trainer on how to complete different tasks
  • Unit assessment questions based on knowledge evidence and performance criteria to ensure that the students have appropriate knowledge of the particular unit to be competent
  • Practical assessments are drafted according to the real-world environment to help students get an understanding of and ability to effectively deal with real-world situations, challenges, and expectations.
  • Detailed observation checklist is provided for practical assessment tasks which helps trainer and assessor to observe the student behavior in practical assessment and make a judgement

Work Placement Assessment (Only applicable to certain training packages)

Many qualifications require the student to complete work placement. The following documents will be provided with the assessment kits:

  • Workplace task booklet including logbook hours – This document includes a list of tasks that a student needs to complete for allocated units. It also includes the logbook hours to record the student’s work hours for placement.
  • Workplace observation booklet – This document can be used by a trainer/assessor to observe student performance in the workplace.

Mapping Information:

  • Mapping evidence that all assessment criteria meet the training package requirements, including the elements, performance criteria, knowledge evidence, performance evidence, assessment conditions, and foundation skills.
  • Detailed mapping of the questions and practical assessment with the relevant criteria to help trainer/RTOs justify that they are meeting all the requirements.

Unit Information Pack:

  • Detailed information about the resources required for completing the assessment by the student
  • Guidelines for submission and resubmission of the assessment
  • AQF level information and details for the assessment
  • Student academic integrity, plagiarism, and collusion disclaimer
  • Instructions and feedback guidelines for trainers

Supporting Documents – Additional templates that may include templates, policies, and procedures.

<<Only available for specific courses>>

Simulated website – Our simulated website adds value to your RTO if you have classroom, online, or blended learning.

These simulated websites ensure consistent assessments and learning with real workplace scenarios, policies, and procedures. They help the students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a simulated environment that reflects real workplace conditions, and reduce the cost and time that is involved in providing the training in an actual workplace.

Simulated training provides students with a better idea of how they should work and function in a real work environment, enabling them to have a better learning experience overall.

The simulated websites can be accessed through a unique web link provided in the assessment resources which students need to login to to access all the information and documents.

Resource Development Process

Our resources are designed with various methods that VET trainers, assessors, and teachers use to conduct in-process evaluations of student comprehension, learning needs, and academic progress during a session/unit. Formative assessments help VET trainers, assessors, and teachers identify concepts or skills that students struggle to understand or have difficulty acquiring. Our resources are developed keeping in mind all these requirements your RTO might have.

The resource development process is as below –


If you require the context of these assessments altered, contact our staff on 1800 959 958 or email info@vetresources.com.au to discuss your needs.


Our compliant and quality assured resources will be delivered to you in soft copy format. Each of the .zip files contains multiple editable Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc.) files that you are free to rebrand and reproduce within your registered training organization (RTO). RTOs can purchase a license for their RTO only and are not permitted to share the documents with any other entity. Purchasers are asked to agree to a license agreement to this effect before purchase. For more information, please refer to our Quality Assurance page.


Core/Elective Units

Core units

# Core units Unit Name Weighting Points
1 ICTICT203 Operate application software packages 20
2 UEECD0007 Apply work health and safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace 20
3 UEECD0009 Carry out routine work activities in an energy sector environment* 40
4 UEECD0021 Identify and select components, accessories and materials for energy sector work activities* 20
5 UEERE0001 Apply environmentally and sustainable procedures in the energy sector 20

Elective units

# Elective units Unit Name Weighting Points
1 UEECO0017 Source and purchase material/parts 20
2 UEECD0019 Fabricate, assemble and dismantle 40

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