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Assessment Resources Kit

Evaluate students better with relevant & compliant assessment kits.

VET Resources Assessment Kits are quality assured RTO Training Assessment Tool with detailed guidelines and benchmarking answers. These come with additional assessment materials that are sure to help trainers deliver effective learning to your students.

These RTO Assessment Resources Australia will provide you with all the instructions and information required to begin assessing your students.

Developed by subject matter experts and validated by experienced industry & compliance experts to ensure top quality, these RTO Assessment Resources on sale also meet all training package guidelines such as principles of assessment and rules of evidence that will take learning to the next level for your students.

Why choose VET Resources Assessment Kit?

  • Get hassle-free compliance care: Stay stress-free with compliant resources that come with Audit Assist Guarantee at no additional cost.

  • Save time and money for your RTO: HUNDREDS of hours and dollars saved in development, validation, proofreading, and formatting.

  • Gain unlimited student licence: One-time payment only for unlimited resource delivery.

  • Adaptable to e-learning and fully editable: Easy to contextualise if required and can be customised for online learning.

  • Avail lifetime updates with no hassles: Receive updated resources with no effort to your RTO at minimum cost until the product is superseded and non-equivalent

  • Developed in consultation with industry experts: Resources designed with information and experience curated to meet industry standards.

VET Resources provide RTO Assessment Resources Australia wide. These RTO Training Assessment Tools are made up of several components that include but is not limited to Direct observation, Product Based Methods, Questioning and Third-Party evidence.

The RTO Training Assessment Tool used in Direct observation can be used and assessed in the Workplace or in a simulated environment including the use of role play. The Product based methods require the assessment of role plays, presentations, reports and portfolios. On the other hand, you have the Questioning method that requires testing the learner’s knowledge either by oral or written questioning. Case studies, interviews and questionnaires are also used to assess the learner.

VET Resources’ RTO Assessment Resources on Sale are offered at a very competitive price and include the Student Assessment Pack, The Trainer Assessment Pack/Marking Guide, Work Placement Assessment (if applicable for the unit), Mapping information, Unit information pack, Supporting documents (if applicable) and Simulated website. VET Resources prides itself on producing assessment tools that align with the 4 principles of assessment, Fairness, Flexibility, Validity and Reliability.

VET Resources promotes the value of student learning through their resources and assessment methods that adhere to the 4 principles of assessment. Our assessments are Fair and consider the student’s needs and where required, reasonable adjustments are made. The assessments are Flexible by reflecting the student’s needs, the use of a range of assessments methods that suit the context/setting. The validity of the assessment is measured against the competency, assessment requirements and the skills and knowledge of the unit. Finally, the assessments have been tested for reliability by the consistent results and evidence produced by numerous trainers who have conducted the assessment.

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