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LLN Kits

Choose only the best quality Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Kits for your RTO. Specifically designed for each qualification, these LLN Kits will help you assess the LLN needs of your students before their entry to a course or qualification.

LLN Assessment Tools Kit will help you identify LLN needs of the students so you can provide support to them. Through providing adequate support, you can increase the completion rate of your RTO.

These kits are developed according to the ACSF (Australian Core Skills Framework) requirements.

Why choose VET Resources LLN?

  • Get hassle-free compliance care: Stay stress-free with compliant resources that come with Audit Assist Guarantee at no additional cost.

  • Save time and money for your RTO: HUNDREDS of hours and dollars saved in development, validation, proofreading, and formatting.

  • Gain unlimited student licence: One-time payment only for unlimited resource delivery.

  • Adaptable to e-learning and fully editable: Easy to contextualise if required and can be customised for online learning.

  • Avail lifetime updates with no hassles: Receive updated resources with no effort to your RTO at minimum cost until the product is superseded and non-equivalent

  • Developed in consultation with industry experts: Resources designed with information and experience curated to meet industry standards.

Vet Resources has an extensive library of compliant LLN Assessment Kits across many industry areas that are developed according to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) requirements.

The LLN assessment tool is a method used to determine a person’s skill level in language, literacy and numeracy skills. It tests a persons 5 core skills such as their reading level, their ability to comprehend and write, their oral communication and fluidity of expression and their numerical ability by identifying mathematical information and using their problem-solving skills. The LLN test takes approximately 45 minutes and covers all the above aspects.

At VET Resources we provide Community Services Training Materials as well as Community Services Learning Resources and one of our most helpful Assessment Tools Kit is our LLN Assessment Tools Kit that are validated and mapped according to ACSF Performance Levels and cover the 4 criteria, Validity, Reliability, Fairness and a Well-constructed assessment tool.

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