LLN Kit – BSB40420 – Certificate IV in Human Resource Management

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    VET Resources’ LLN Kit – BSB40420 is a kit designed specifically to help RTOs assess the language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) needs of their students before they enrol in the BSB40420 qualification.

    The LLN Kit of BSB40420 is developed in accordance with the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). This kit includes all the tools and resources necessary for assessing student’s LLN skills.

    Resource details/ resource includes

    LLN Kit BSB40420 includes –

    • Tools to assess the LLN needs of students prior to commencing the courses. (Our LLN tools are developed considering the foundational skills required in the unit. For BSB40420 tools like communicating with employees, sending business emails, and taking interviews are used as tasks to evaluate the reading, writing, oral communication and numeracy levels of students)
    • 2 documents – marking/mapping guide & student tests.
    • Industry-specific questions that are aligned to the Australian Core Skills Framework.
    • Detailed guidance provided to the assessor on unpacking the answers to help benchmarking.
    • The LLN Marking Guide helps the assessor interpret the answers provided by the student and gives directions to determine the LLN levels of the student based on the answers provided.

    What is this resource

    The BSB40420 LLN Kit includes a variety of tools and resources to help RTOs assess the language, literacy and numeracy of students who are seeking to achieve the BSB40420 Certificate IV in Human Resource Management qualification. 

    Who is it for

    LLN Kit – BSB40420 is for RTOs who are providing training and assessment in the BSB40420 qualification.


    • LLN Kit BSB40420 is aligned with the Australian Core Skills Framework.
    • LLN Kit BSB40420 is comprehensive and covers reading, writing, numeracy and problem-solving.
    • LLN Kit BSB40420 is flexible and capable of assessing student’s Language, Literacy and Numeracy throughout the course duration.
    • LLN Kit BSB40420 is easy to use for both assessors and students.
    • LLN Kit BSB40420 is affordable for RTOs to purchase.


    LLN Kit – BSB40420 – Certificate IV in Human Resource Management today.

    Context Alteration

    License Information

    Our compliant and quality assured resources will be delivered to you in soft copy format. Each of the .zip files contains multiple editable Microsoft Office (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc.) files that you are free to rebrand and reproduce within your registered training organization (RTO). RTOs can purchase a license for their RTO only and are not permitted to share the documents with any other entity. Purchasers are asked to agree to a license agreement to this effect before purchase. For more information, please refer to our Quality Assurance page.


    What is the difference between the pre-course assessment tools and the student tests in the LLN Kit of BSB40420?

    The pre-course assessment tools are designed to be used to assess students’ LLN skills before they enrol in the BSB40420 qualification. Meanwhile, the student tests are used to assess student’s LLN skills throughout the qualification.

    Will I be provided audit assistance if my LLN Kit of BSB40420 has any compliance issues?

    Yes, VET Resources provides an audit assistance guarantee at no additional cost.

    Will I get a refund on my LLN Kit of the BSB40420 purchase?

    If you decide to change the decision before you receive the Training and Assessment Strategy from VET Resources only, then a refund is given. Once we deliver the resources, we will not be able to give any refund.
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