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All class activity books are developed keeping in mind the requirements of students. These are designed to support your learners in understanding the unit knowledge and essence of the training package.  This document assists trainers to deliver effective, engaging and compliant classroom or webinar delivery of the qualification. The class activity book helps VET trainers and assessors to collect detailed information that can be used to improve instruction and student learning while it’s happening.

The class activity book includes –

  • Basic fundamental document which prepares the student for the major assessment. The document helps in preparing the student for final assessment.
  • Has two documents – benchmarking answers booklet for trainers and assessment questions for students.
  • The assessor copy will have benchmarking answers for the questions which will make it easier for the trainer to check if the student has basic understanding and knowledge about the unit.
  • The student copy will ask the student to write their answers about the questions asked.
  • It also includes a small practical assessment which prepares the student for the summative assessment.
  • The questions are segregated as per chapters/elements to make it easier for students to check their knowledge and skill about specific chapters/elements.
  • It will help check the basic knowledge of the student with the help of multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, short answer questions and true or false statements.
  • It also contains multiple activities to give students an overview of final assessment
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  • Adaptable to e-learning and fully editable: Easy to contextualise if required and can be customised for online learning.

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  • Developed in consultation with industry experts: Resources designed with information and experience curated to meet industry standards.

The purpose of an activity book is to exercise the mind, this improves the cognitive functions by keeping the brain active. The activity book helps improve reading ability and comprehension while participating in literacy and thinking activities.

The types of activities you can find in activity books include assessments with short answer questions, true or false statements and multiple-choice questions. Other activities that can be found are practical assessment activities and role-play and simulation activities.

An activity book is used to assist the student experience real life problems and situations and how to form ideas and information to generate a response or outcome. While a workbook on the other hand is book containing questions and problems that a student completes as practice of what they have learned from the class material.

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