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BSB Training Packages

Business Services (BSB)

VET Resources provides a large range of BSB resources that are engaging and industry-relevant developed by subject matter experts and validated by compliance experts and proofread by English experts.

Our RTO Learning and Assessment Kits are developed according to ASQA, AQF and training package guidelines. Our quality assured learner resources and assessment kits come with audit assistance at no additional cost to your RTO. All our resources are easy-to-use, student-centric and developed with current best practices in the industry.

All our BSB Training Packages include –

  1. BSB Learner resources – These include BSB learner guide, PowerPoint, class activity book, self-study guide and session plan. These documents will provide the following benefits to your RTO:
  • In-depth step by step information in the BSB learner guide so students gain the knowledge and skills related to the unit of competency.
  • Range of questions and activities in the class activity book to demonstrate the understanding of knowledge and skills
  • Interactive PowerPoint slides linked with the learner guide for trainers to train the learners effectively.
  • Session plan for trainers to help organise class and assessments and deliver classroom learning effectively along with an overview of the session.
  • Self-study guide for students to help understand concepts clearly and prepare for assessments which contain video and web links to help students understand the concepts easily.
  1. BSB Assessment Kits – VET Resources Assessment Kits are quality assured RTO Training Assessment Tool with detailed guidelines and benchmarking answers.
  • These come with additional assessment materials that are sure to help trainers deliver effective learning to your students.
  • These RTO Assessment Resources will provide you with all the instructions and information required to begin assessing your students. trainers deliver effective learning to your students.
  • The assessment kit includes student assessment pack, trainer assessment pack and marking guide, work placement assessment (if applicable), mapping information, unit information pack and supporting documents.
  • Other learning materials such as LLN Kit are developed according to the ACSF (Australian Core Skills Framework) and RPL Kit are developed in accordance with training package requirements and are designed to fulfill all learning needs of the student.

Note: Certain qualifications also come with Simulation website that helps the students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a simulated environment that reflects real workplace conditions.

Specialization covered in BSB resources

  • Human Resource
  • Project Management
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Leadership Management

Qualifications under BSB Training resources are –

  • Certificate I
  • Certificate II
  • Certificate III
  • Certificate IV
  • Diploma
  • Advanced Diploma
  • Graduate Diploma

BSB stands for the Business Services in the VET sector and is used in Training, the BSB Purchasing Guide for the State of Victoria is available from the Victorian Government Website under the Victorian Training Package Purchasing Guides. The BSB Training Package is nationally recognised by the industry and training regulators and includes qualifications and competency standards.

BSB Training Package FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions about BSB Training Resources:

  1. What are BSB Training Resources? BSB Training Resources are a comprehensive set of learning materials designed to support the delivery of Business Services Training Package qualifications. These resources include learner guides, assessment tools, and other supplementary materials.
  2. Who can benefit from BSB Training Resources? BSB Training Resources are suitable for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), trainers, and assessors delivering business services qualifications such as Certificate III in Business Administration or Diploma of Leadership and Management.
  3. What is included in BSB Training Resources? The BSB Training Resources package typically includes learner guides, assessment workbooks, mapping matrices, session plans, PowerPoint presentations, and other supporting documents. These resources are designed to align with the training package requirements and provide a comprehensive learning experience for students.
  4. How can BSB Training Resources be used? RTOs can use BSB Training Resources to deliver face-to-face training, blended learning, or online courses. Trainers can customise the resources to suit their training delivery methods and the needs of their learners.
  5. Why should I choose BSB Training Resources from VET Resources? VET Resources is a trusted provider of high-quality training resources in Australia. Our BSB Training Resources are developed by industry experts and undergo rigorous quality assurance processes to ensure they meet the standards set by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).
  6. Can I preview the BSB Training Resources before purchasing? Yes, VET Resources offers free previews of our BSB Training Resources. You can request a sample pack or access a demo version to evaluate the content and suitability for your training needs.
  7. How can I purchase BSB Training Resources? To purchase BSB Training Resources from VET Resources, you can visit our BSB Training Resources page on our website. You can choose the specific qualification or units you require and add them to your cart for a seamless purchasing experience.

By choosing VET Resources for your BSB Training Resources, you can ensure that you have access to high-quality, industry-relevant materials that will support your training and assessment processes effectively.

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