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In today’s work culture, smart work is necessary. This is why presentations are considered important. It is the most easy and interactive way to deliver your thoughts and messages via visual aid. The demand for good presentation is ever-growing, and it is almost needed in every job role. 

In this blog ‘BSBCMM411 Make presentations- What is it about and why is it important ‘, we will be discussing a list of everything an RTO requires to train in the BSBCMM411 course. We also have answered frequently asked questions at the end of the blog. Also, find our trusted list of tips which will help you provide the highest quality training to your students. 

What is BSBCMM411-Make presentations

BSBCMM411 is code for the ‘Make presentations’ code which is a part of the Australian Education Framework and provides an individual with the required knowledge to prepare, deliver and review presentations for the target audience. This course also provides skills to prepare presentations for a range of purposes like Marketing, training, and promotions.  

Why is BSBCMM411 important

For any individual who is required to prepare a lot of presentations, it is important that the presentation is made in a very engaging manner, and it should consist of all the points one wants to convey. Also, the individual should have the right knowledge on how and what to include in the presentation to make an impact. Before finalising the presentation, a review is important to evaluate the effectiveness of the same. 

Getting certified in the BSBCMM411-Make Presentations course will make a difference in the way you create presentations. This course helps you to learn techniques and skills and provides you with knowledge about Preparing, Delivering and Reviewing presentations. 

What students will learn in BSBCMM411- Make presentations course

When enrolled in this course, students will learn three main aspects of making a presentation: 

Prepare presentation: 

  • Plan approach and intended outcomes. 
  • Identify the target audience, location and resources required. 
  • Select presentation strategies, format, and delivery methods. 
  • Select techniques to evaluate presentation effectiveness. 

Deliver presentation: 

  • Summarise key concepts and ideas and present them to the target audience. 
  • Provide an opportunity for the audience to seek clarification. 
  • Confirm, that the target audience understands key concepts and ideas and that the identified presentation objective is achieved. 

Review Presentation 

  • Consider whether the presentation achieved its intended outcomes 
  • Identify any areas where the presentation could be improved. 
  • Ask the audience to provide feedback on the presentation, including what they liked and disliked, and what they found most informative.  
  • Seek feedback from managers and colleagues as well. 
  • Make the necessary changes and then practice delivering the presentation again. 

RTOs can buy or develop training resources on BSBCMM411, but it should include everything needed for the proper training and skill development of the student. 


BSBCMM411 is an important unit of competency for anyone who needs to prepare and deliver presentations. It provides the knowledge and skills to create engaging and informative presentations for a variety of audiences and purposes. 

A well-designed BSBCMM411 training package should include a variety of resources, such as a session plan, learner guide, PowerPoint presentation, class activity book, self-study guide, and assessment kit. These resources should be developed by experts in the field and aligned with the latest industry best practices. 

By providing students with access to high-quality training materials, RTOs can help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace. 


Q1 Who can benefit from completing the BSBCMM411 Make presentations unit of competency? 

A1 The BSBCMM411 Make presentations unit of competency can benefit anyone who needs to prepare and deliver presentations in the workplace. This includes students, managers, business owners, and anyone else who wants to improve their presentation skills. 

Q2 How can RTOs ensure that their BSBCMM411 training package is of high quality? 

A2 RTOs can ensure that their BSBCMM411 training package is of high quality by: 

  • Having their training package reviewed by industry experts
  • Ensuring that their training resources are up-to-date and aligned with the latest industry best practices
  • Providing their trainers with regular professional development opportunities
  • Collecting feedback from students and using it to improve their training package

Q3 Where can RTOs find more information about BSBCMM411? 

A3 RTOs can find more information about BSBCMM411 on the website. 

Q4 Where can I buy the best RTO training resources for BSBCMM411? 

A4 You can buy the best RTO training resources for BSBCMM411 from VET Resources. They have a complete package and are carefully developed keeping the trainer and learner in mind. You can head to for more information. 

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