Simulation website will create effective learning for business courses

How a simulation website will create effective learning for business courses Leave a comment

A simulation website can create effective learning for your students as they follow only one business case study, policies, and forms for all the business units.

I suggest using one simulation business for most of the business courses because elective units can be repeated in other courses.

First, let’s clarify what simulated assessment means.

Simulations imitate real situations, processes and systems which can occur in a workplace.

A simulated workplace must replicate the real workplace conditions where students can perform different activities that are current and relevant to their industry.

What information or documents simulation website should have?  

  1. Simulated website must imitate the real business website so it must look like a running business website.
  2. It should include a home page, business planning, products, forms, and policies.

Please refer to the following link for some simulation examples:

What are the advantages of simulation websites?  

  1. It imitates real business.
  2. Knowledge questions will be specific to the simulation website, especially organisation policy and procedure-related criteria.
  3. Same business for all the units so students can learn and progress within the course.
  4. All the practical tasks will be relevant to one business.
  5. It also improves the implementation of the performance tasks.
  6. Students follow business policies and forms throughout the courses.
  7. It will be an easy and time-saving process for trainers as they only need to focus on one business throughout the course.

Based on our experience and feedback we received from clients, one simulation website across all the business courses supports students in gaining a better understanding of the units, and it leads to student engagement.

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