How is Skills Insight empowering the VET (Vocational Education and Training) sector in Australia

How is Skills Insight empowering the VET (Vocational Education and Training) sector in Australia Leave a comment

The Australian vocational educational system is focused on industry. Jobs are a crucial part of this learning system bringing training and learners to the forefront. In the blog, “How is Skills Insight empowering the VET sector in Australia?” we will discuss Skills Insight one of the ten Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs). We will see how Skills Insight is bringing a new chapter of growth to the VET sector.

What is Skills Insight?

Skills Insight is one of the ten Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs). It is a non-profit organisation. They work with stakeholders of the VET like learners, employers, and RTOs (Registered Training Organisations). They work towards skill enhancements through research and resolving challenges.

What is the role of Skills Insight as a Jobs and Skills Council (JSC)?

What is the role of Skills Insight as a Jobs and Skills Council (JSC)?

Skills Insights work in a holistic way being mindful of the demands of the industries they work with, and they also recognise the dependency of their roles on each other.

Role of Skills Insight

– Skills Insight plays a major role in planning workforce challenges & opportunities.

Meeting the industry skills needs is a primary objective of Skills Insight. To achieve this objective, it is essential to plan for the current industry skills requirement and predict the future needs. It is possible through careful planning and working through the challenges that come forward. So, Skills Insights essentially plans like other Jobs and Skills Councils (JSC). The plans are meticulous and aim to counter challenges that come along the way.

– Skills Insight works for development of innovative training products.

Skills Insight absolutely understands the importance of training and training packages/products. It develops and pioneers training packages after researching the VET workforce and the demands of the skills across the industry. It works for the development of vocational education by innovating training products that are responsive to current times. These training products not only help RTOs but also learners and employers.

– Skills Insight carefully examines training products and execute them.

Skills Insight monitors training packages once it has implemented them. It evaluates how well the training product is able to meet learner’s needs, career demands, and RTO (Registered Training Organisations) needs. This helps Skills Insight to further enhance the products.

– Skills Insight supervises the industry and the industry jobs.

Skills Insight makes way for development by providing strategic solutions to critical problems. It resonates with the demands and trains the VET workforce to be effective leaders in their own right. It monitors the effectiveness of system policies and standards.

Skills Insight and the VET Sector

Skills Insights is an important organisation for industry skills in Australia. It supports the Vocational and educational industry through leadership, strategic planning and acts as a council for jobs and skills.

Importance of Skills Insight

Let us look at why Skills Insight is important.

– Skills Insight believes in inclusivity.

Skills Insight is an advocate of inclusivity and that is why it aims to create sustainable and culturally sound employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. So, Skills Insight aims to find solutions that are responsive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and have a positive impact on them.

– Skills Insight works towards supporting industry skills in Australia

The industries Skills Impact works with industries that work closely with land, water, animals and wildlife. It understands that the knowledge and skills for the processes that these industries use are significant for the ecosystems of Australia. So, Skills Insight works closely to conserve these traditional methods while developing innovative processes that will help bring climate change solutions to these industries.

– It works towards solving training challenges

Formal vocational education opens a doorway to stable employment options. Since VET education is not easily available to those living in rural Australia, Skills Insight aims to bring vocational education to rural and remote Australian learners. It understands the importance of addressing this need to bring forth new talent and boost the Australian economy.

– It is working towards creating an equal ground for all the stakeholders of the industry.

The Australian skills system is composed of big and small sectors as well as big and small training organisations. Skills Insight contributes to their development by offering skills solutions. It offers an equal opportunity to all the stakeholders.

The Industries Skills Insight works

The Industries Skills Insight works

Skills Insights has created an ethos that supports the communities in Australia and its prosperity. The following are the industries Skills Insight works with:


The current skills demand of the Australian industry is rapidly evolving. Establishing skills councils helps the government and the VET sector to plan, implement, monitor and improve the training products to meet the skills demands.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.1. What are a Jobs and Skills Council?

A.1.Jobs and Skills Councils’ have been established to reform and strengthen the Australian VET system to provide skills and knowledge.

For more information click here.

  1. 2. Is Skills Insights a funded organisation? If yes, then who funds it?

A.2. Yes, Skills Insights is a funded organisation. It is funded by the Australian Government Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

Q.3. How can Skills Insight be contacted?

A.3. One can visit the website  to contact Skills Insight.

Q.4. How was Skills Insight formed?

A.4. Skills Insight was formed by Skills Impact. Skills Impact was under the Skills Service Organisations’ contract up until 2022. Then in 2023, it formed the Skills Insight organisation.

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