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As a Compliance Consultant, I have the privilege to work with different training organisations. People often ask me how to create a simple and easy to follow session plan, do we need a different session plan if we have a different delivery structure, etc.

In this blog, I will answer some important questions that will help you to create a session plan and at the end, I will provide a link for the session plan template that you can contextualise and use it for your training and assessment.

What is a session plan and why do we need to develop this document?

A session plan is a structured document that includes sequences of information, activities and information linked with your training and assessment resources. This document helps trainers to get delivery structure and it also helps RTOs to get consistency in the delivery.

RTO needs to develop this document for each unit/cluster to get consistency in the training and assessments.

What information do I need to include in the session plan?

Session plan should include the following information:


Note: You may add additional information as required.

How do I create a sequencing in the session plan?

I have read this GLOSS OFF process from Fortress learning and found it useful.

GLOSS stands for:

G Gain the learner’s attention, interest and involvement
L Link the learning to the learner’s previous experience
O Outcomes of the session are identified
S Structure of the session is previewed
S Stimulate the learner’s motivation


OFF stands for:

O Outcomes are reviewed
F Feedback to individuals and the group provides encouragement and motivation for future learning
F Future outcomes and where the learning is leading learners.


Do we need a different session plan if we have different delivery modes?

Yes, you need to contextualise your session plan according to the delivery mode and hours of delivery.

For different delivery modes, you will have different structure and delivery hours. For example structure for classroom delivery will be different compared to workplace delivery and you may have small numbers for hours in the workplace delivery.


How detailed session plan do we need to create?

I hear this question more often because there are no specific guidelines from ASQA related to the session plan. If you cover your structure, sequencing of the information and cover the training package requirements and include the above-mentioned information then it will be sufficient.

Do I need to add assessment information and simulated practical information in the session plan?

Yes, as discussed above, the session plan is your structure for the unit and you also need to allocate relevant time for classroom assessment, activities, role play, presentation and practical assessment.

Overall, the session plan is an important document not only to meet the compliance requirements, but it also helps to improve the quality of education and improve the consistency of the training and assessment process.

If you have any questions related to this matter, please click here and complete the form.

As discussed above, please click here to get a free session plan template.

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