What it is and Why it is Important in the Digital Age

New-Age Leadership – What it is and Why it is Important in the Digital Age Leave a comment

In this tempestuous age, the world needs genuine leaders with good influence and the ability to handle every situation that rides with the ever-shifting value systems.

You see, new-age leadership is not limited to people within certain organisations. The usual aggressive and hard-working skill set doesn’t work much these days. Most organisations are shifting away from the old, capitalist business principles, and moving towards getting leaders who can take action while considering the physical, emotional, and mental impact.

What does it really take to be a new-age leader?

A new-age leader is someone who takes charge and creates accountability in doing and handling an event or activity. The leader brings people together, communicates properly, and assigns teams to handle different tasks. This person can come from any field, gender, shape, age, and economic strata. He/she is someone who can take on multiple challenges and can identify and find a resolution.

This new paradigm leader has the maturity to handle themselves when it comes to their physical, emotion, and financial well-being. He/she is the embodiment of this phrase: Only those who can lead themselves can lead others. The most successful new-age leaders tend to follow daily routines and are disciplined in several aspects.

Leadership in the Digital Age needs some different styles and traits and there are a few other qualities that would help define one. Let’s check them out!


In this modern society, it is imperative to have the ability to act accordingly and swiftly in the presence of fear. This is a skill that can be learned and is found in people with high leadership qualities.

Acknowledges responsibilities

Having a radical mindset is essential in transforming the dynamic between the leaders and their organisation. It is needed to take responsibility in all situations, taking actions based on how one envisions the world whilst practising a proactive consciousness towards a progressive future.

High emotional intelligence

The new-age leaders have a deep emotional awareness and empathy skills to maintain that drive for selflessness and the commitment to serve the society or organisation. According to the founder of Passion Institute, emotional intelligence accounts for 56% of performance in all types of jobs and 83% of those with high self-awareness are top performers. This – this is the key for success, and is important for leaders to have.


This does not imply the hedonistic approach but rather, an Epicurean way of achieving a happy life. The true new-age leaders experience the world through their senses, which paves way for healthy and emotional connections; therefore, resulting in making better decisions for themselves and their organisation.


A highly determined leader creates a large vision to help reach their goals. They remind themselves daily and commit themselves into making these goals a reality.

Practises Self-Care

Contrary to popular beliefs of the “hustle hard” grind, this lifestyle is actually detrimental to one’s health. Neglecting one’s physical selves is a mistake most leaders make. To be able to properly lead others, a leader must have proper rest and have a sound mind and body to have the energy to handle and manage a team or organisation.

In this technology-driven world, these new-age leaders must always be present to their followers, be more transparent, and embrace agile methods of working if they would like to succeed. If you would like to become one, you can start by practising mindfulness, be selfless, and be committed to self-improvement.

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