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Is the SHB Training Package Giving you a Headache?

If you are an RTO, you know that the SHB training package can be a complex and daunting beast. There are a million requirements to meet, and it’s hard to keep up with the latest changes.

And even if you manage to get your head around the requirements, you still need to deliver high-quality training to your students. That means having the right trainers, assessors, and equipment, as well as being familiar with the latest teaching and assessment practices.

It’s no wonder that so many RTOs struggle with the SHB training package.

But don’t worry, there’s help at hand. In this blog ‘Is the SHB Training Package Giving You a Headache’, we will give you everything you need to know about the SHB training package, from choosing the right training package to delivering high-quality training.

What is the SHB Training Package

The SHB training package is a set of nationally recognised qualifications and units of competency for hairdressing and beauty services in Australia. It includes qualifications such as Certificate II in Salon Assistant, Certificate III in Hairdressing, and Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy, among others. The training package is designed to ensure that individuals who complete the qualifications have the skills and knowledge required to work in the hairdressing and beauty services industry.

Why is the SHB Training Package important for RTOs

The SHB Training Package is important for RTOs for a number of reasons:

  • It provides a standardised framework for delivering high-quality training and assessment.
  • It is required for RTOs to be registered and accredited by the ASQA.
  • Implementing the SHB training package can help RTOs increase student enrolment, improve their reputation, access government funding, and offer a high-quality training program.
  • The SHB training package is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure that it meets the changing needs of the industry and reflects current best practices.

Current Package Version of SHB Training Package

The current version of the SHB training package is 4.1. It was released on 5th July 2022, and includes a number of minor updates and changes.

Some of the key changes in release 4.1 include:

  • Updated units of competency to reflect industry changes.
  • New units of competency added to the training package
  • Updated assessment requirements
  • Updated trainer and assessor requirements
  • Updated companion volume implementation guide

It is important to note that RTOs must implement the latest version of the SHB training package by 5th July 2023. This means that RTOs need to update their training plans, assessment methods, and trainer and assessor qualifications to meet the requirements of release 4.1.

How to Implement the SHB Training Package in your RTO

To implement the in your RTO, you will need to:

  • Choose the right training package: Choose the training package that is right for your target market, industry demand, and available resources.
  • Develop a training plan: Your training plan should map the units of competency to your delivery and assessment strategies and ensure that you meet the requirements of the SHB training package and ASQA.
  • Deliver the training: When delivering the training, it is important to select the appropriate teaching methods and resources and to provide a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • Address students: Design assessment tasks that meet the requirements of the SHB training package and ASQA. Provide feedback and support to students throughout the assessment process.

Tips for delivering High-quality SHB training

Here are some tips for delivering high-quality SHB training:

  • Create a positive learning environment: This means fostering a culture of respect, inclusivity, and professionalism. It also means providing opportunities for students to practice and apply their skills in a supportive setting.
  • Use effective teaching methods: There are many different teaching methods that can be used to deliver SHB training. Choose methods that are appropriate for the unit of competency and the student’s learning style.
  • Provide students with opportunities to practice their skills: Practical experience is essential for students to develop the skills they need to work successfully in the hairdressing and beauty industry. Provide students with opportunities to practice their skills in a safe and supervised environment.
  • Use a variety of assessment methods: This will help you to assess the student’s skills and knowledge in a comprehensive way.
  • Provide feedback to students: Feedback is essential for students to learn and grow. Provide students with regular feedback on their progress and help them to identify areas where they need to improve.

Resources to help you implement the SHB training package

There are many resources available to help RTOs implement the SHB training package. Some of these resources include:

These resources can provide you with information on the SHB training package, implementation requirements, and best practices for delivering high-quality training.


To conclude, the SHB training package is an important tool for RTOs that deliver hairdressing and beauty training. By implementing the SHB training package, RTOs can ensure that they are delivering high-quality training that meets the needs of the industry and the ASQA.

If you are an RTO who is considering implementing the SHB training package, there are a number of resources available to help you. The SHB Companion Volume Implementation Guide, ASQA’s Standards for Registered Training Organisations, the industry associations such as the Australian Hairdressing Council, and the Australian Beauty Industry Association can all provide you with the information and support.

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Q1 What are the job prospects for graduates of the SHB Training Package qualification?

A1 The job prospects for graduates of the SHB Training Package qualification are good. The hairdressing and beauty services industry is a growing industry, and there is a strong demand for qualified hairdressers and beauty therapists.

Q2 What are the minimum entry requirements for the different SHB Training Package Qualifications?

A2 The entry requirements for the different SHB Training Package Qualifications vary depending on the qualification. However, most qualifications require students to have completed a minimum of year 10 secondary school education or equivalent.

Q3 How long does it take to complete the SHB Training Package qualifications?

A3 The time it takes to be qualified in the SHB Training Package varies depending on the qualification and learning pace of the individual. However, most qualifications can be completed in 1-2 years.

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