Success with a Diploma in Mental Health in Australia

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Mental health increasingly is getting important for people of all age groups. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, over two in five Australians go through some mental health problems in their lives, which creates a demand for trained professionals. This opens the opportunity for jobs for people interested in the field of mental health.

In this blog, “Success with a Diploma in Mental Health in Australia” we will discuss why mental health Diploma (CHC53315-Diploma of Mental Health) is a good career option for learners. We will list a few lucrative career options for Mental health diploma holders in Australia. Let us begin.

Overview of mental health

CHC53315-Diploma of Mental Health is a nationally recognised healthcare course. The course can be delivered to Australian students and international students as well. The delivery of this recognised qualification course can be face to face, online as well as blended.

The duration may vary depending on the recognition of prior learning but usually the course is of 12 months. The recognition of prior learning and credit transfer will be conducted by individual RTOs (Registered Training Organisations).

The diploma of mental health course structure includes knowledge-based assessments, case studies, and practical assessments and provides work placements.

(Note- Students will have to contact RTOs of their choice for complete information about the course details.)

Reasons to get a Diploma of mental health

  • Awareness of mental health is increasing in Australia.

There is a rising awareness about mental health so are the cases of mental health. The cases include both adults and children. This has created an immediate need for mental health professionals. Formal education in mental health will equip mental health students with the skills needed to help those in need. So, it is the right time to get into this field.

  • A qualification in mental health can launch a learner’s career.

With the increasing demand for mental health professionals, learners can get into a variety of career pathways. There is rising demand for professionals on both an individual level and a structural level. A diploma qualification will enable learners to get jobs in public health services as well as research roles.

  • Learners will create a positive impact on others’ lives and provide counselling.

Mental health workers work closely with people with a variety of mental health issues. Diploma holders in mental health get an opportunity to help these people. The people might highlight depression, anxiety, or PTSD. The professionals will tend to these people in need with counselling or referring them to services which will help them. A diploma in mental health will make learners experience the rewards of creating an impact and change.

  • Learners will build and strengthen their interpersonal skills with the vocational training in health.

Learners of CHC53315-Diploma of Mental Health are required to hone their people skills. A big part of the job requires professionals to listen and speak with people and create relationships with them. People open about their mental struggles, addictions, and health related issues. Based on these conversations’ professionals apply counselling methods in a group setting or individual sessions. Learners will be taught to assist other professionals to monitor the progress of some patients and help in their recovery.

A career in mental health requires individuals who are empathetic and compassionate. These professionals encounter people of diverse backgrounds, so they need to be supportive and patient to help people with mental health issues.  So, for all learners who can be judgement free, supportive, and kind then mental health services is the right career for them.

(Note- Here is a link for readers to get more insight on jobs for Diploma of Mental Health.)

  • Mental health services are challenging but equally rewarding.

A mental health qualification enables learners to solve health issues with community service work. The work of these healthcare providers is filled with interesting challenges and new learnings. The recognised training of the VET (Vocational Education and Training) students enables them to help people diverse people with various backgrounds (people with disabilities or Torres strait islanders) and each of these individuals has their own set of beliefs which present a unique set of concerns.

What skills learners will learn after receiving the qualification of CHC53315-Diploma of Mental Health

  • Depression and Risk Management for vulnerable people.
  • Coordinating health care with doctors and other health professionals.
  • Dealing with individuals with Anxiety and Depression.
  • Using Proper Medication and Chronic Care for people in need of mental health issues.
  • Supporting Those with Mental Health Difficulties in community services sectors.

List of Mental Health Jobs

List of Mental Health Jobs

It is projected that job opportunities in the mental health industry will increase by 23% in the coming years. So, Diploma of mental health is a lucrative qualification for the Australian youth. Some of the career pathways in the Diploma of mental health Australia are below:

  • Counsellor
  • Case Manager
  • Community Worker
  • Community support worker
  • Community service providers
  • Community rehabilitation & support worker
  • Health promotion services
  • Peer worker
  • Social Worker
  • Mental Health Worker
  • Mental health community worker
  • Mental health rehabilitation worker
  • Mental health advocate
  • Mental health outreach worker
  • Welfare Support Worker
  • Recovery Coach/Recovery Support Worker
  • Residential mental health support Worker


Mental health courses are a fantastic way to kickstart a career. The range of services enables learners to help people at mental health risk. This diploma will surely increase professionals in health care. If you are an RTO (Registered Training Organisations) and looking to purchase a Diploma of mental health RTO resources, then VET Resources is your partner. We offer the latest and compliant learning materials for the CHC53315-Diploma of Mental Health. For further information contact us here. We also offer free consultation to RTOs for matters related to courses and other matters.

Frequency Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. What can I do with a Diploma in mental health?

A.1. With a Diploma in mental health learners can provide a range of services like health promotion services and much more.

Q.2. Who created the CHC53315-Diploma of Mental Health?

A.2. This mental health qualification was created by psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health nurses which will overcome the challenges of Stress, Anxiety and Depression. The role of workers is critical and important in this recognised qualification.

Q.3. Is a Diploma in mental health the right course for me?

A.3. Diploma in mental health offers an opportunity to work with people struggling with mental issues. The role of workers is critical which demands patience and excellent communication skills. If you feel you check all these boxes, then this course is an excellent option for you. For a list of career options scroll up to read.

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