Why do RTOs need to understand SCORM files to deliver e-learning courses

Why do RTOs need to understand SCORM files to deliver e-learning courses Leave a comment


Education is at the crux of development. With new elearning courses training providers across Australia are connecting learners far and wide with career opportunities. To remain consistent in elearning training and assessment RTOs need to develop SCORM packages that are compliant with Learning Management System (LMS).

In this blog, ” Why do RTOs need to understand SCORM files to deliver training through e-learning”, we will discuss the significance of SCORM files for RTOs. We will also see the benefits of SCORM files for RTOs delivering e-learning courses.

What is SCORM?

What is SCORM?

Benefits of SCORM files for RTOs

Benefits of SCORM files for RTOs

The SCORM files or SCORM package has many benefits which help RTOs to deliver standard e-learning training and assessment to their .

  • LMS Compatibility: The majority of Learning Management Systems (LMS) are SCORM-compliant fully or partially. It helps RTOs to create e-learning courses across different systems.
  • Tracking Learner Progress: RTO learners can conveniently keep track of their learning progress. This progress of the online training modules is sent to LMS in the form of reports. It is extremely handy when there is a system failure or other errors.
  • Feedback on Learner’s Performance: RTOs can provide feedback in the form of scores. It also notifies when learners finish a course.
  • Portable Courses: Since SCORM uses a standard set of technical rules, the SCORM files or SCORM packages can be used in different LMSs in case of LMS change. RTOs only have to check whether the LMS is SCORM conformant LMS.
  • Flexibility and Customisable Design of the content: A SCORM course, training material consists of standalone units or modules. Each module can be used in any other course within the LMS.SCORM is highly customizable and can be designed to offer modular courses as well. You can build a complete interactive course or microlearning activities using only SCORM lessons.


SCORM modules have an instructional design that aligns with and boosts the elearning industry. To enhance the learning process, elearning experts should adapt to SCORM packages. SCORM packages help RTOs deliver training content to a larger learner pool without worrying about LMS compatibility. If you are looking for such training content, then VET Resources is your partner. We have SCORM packages for BSB, CHC and much more. To get sample SCORM packages click here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Do RTOs need to use SCORM packages?

A.1. Since e-learning is increasing in demand choosing SCORM is beneficial for RTOs. With SCORM packages RTOs can deliver digital learning with interactive features to learners. Training providers will have better control over course development and its management. Training developers will have more options to include in the training modules and assessments. In case of switching to a new LMS, the migration will be swift and convenient.

Q.2. What is the difference between various SCORM compliant LMSs?

A.2. The main difference between different SCORM-compliant LMSs is the user interface, its features and how to use it. Rest all SCORM-compliant LMS follow the launching and tracking of the e-learning course.

For example, some LMS might have in-built features to validate and resolve common SCORM problems. This helps the users of that particular LMS and increases ease of use.

Q.3. How many versions of SCORM are there?

A.3. As of 2023, there are three existing versions of SCORM and each one of them have its own pros and cons as well as characteristics. They are SCORM 1.1, SCORM 1.2, and SCORM 2004. SCORM 1.1 was the first version of SCORM and SCORM 2004 is the latest version of SCORM.

Q.4. Does SCORM package development require different sets of tools?

A.4. Yes, SCORM package development requires a SCORM authoring tool. RTOs cannot develop a SCORM package in a LMS. SCORM authoring tool is a SCORM authoring software and can be bought separately. Choose an authoring tool on the basis of price, and features like ease of use as well as customer support.

When the RTO is looking to build a course in the LMS for in-house training they can simply upload course materials like videos, PowerPoint presentations and other supporting documents and add an assessment after the module. It is important to note that this course will not be a SCORM compliant course.

But If RTO requires to develop a SCORM compliant online learning content then it needs an authoring tool built specially for SCORM development.

Q.5. What is the meaning of being SCORM compliant?

A.5. SCORM compliant means to align with industry standards. Since SCORM is the standard technical set of rules to interact between any e-learning courses and Learning Management Systems (LMS), it is important for content authors to use a SCORM compliant software to develop these courses. An e-learning course developed with a SCORM compliant authoring tool can be integrated with any SCORM compliant LMS.  This SCORM compliant course can be integrated with different LMSs without adjustments and RTOs can track the progress of learners and publish scores.

Q.6. How does SCORM work?

A.6. All Shareable content object reference models work on two principles. The first principle is SCORM packaging of the course content which shows how the SCORM course will be delivered. The file called imsmanifest tells how to launch the elearning course to the LMS. The second principle is run time communication which governs the interaction of the SCORM course and the LMS keeping secure the SCORM export.

Q.7. Who produced the SCROM reference model?

A.7. ADL is the producer of SCORM. United States Department of Defence (DOD) finances ADL to produce elearning standards of training for sharable content.

Q.8. Why should RTOs use SCORM?

A.8. RTOs can deliver effective and impactful online learning with SCORM. RTOs can even deliver corporate training or corporate elearning with SCORM. SCORM gives flexibility to content providers and RTOs. Above all, SCORM learning provides a path for training providers to integrate the content with different LMS without worrying about the adjustments.

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