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In this blog, “How RTOs can apply updates on BSB training packages” we will discuss how RTOs can apply BSB training package updates. A 3-step plan has been included to help training providers transition smoothly and effectively. BSB training is an important training program for the VET sector and the Australian economy. So, let us begin.

What is the BSB Training Package Update?

The most current version of the BSB training package is version 8.0. The following course was added while 2 courses were superseded.

Course added

  • BSB41021 (Certificate IV Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Governance)

Course superseded

  • BSB40220 (Certificate IV in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Governance)
  • BSB50220 (Diploma of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Governance)

In the following table a list of the updated courses along with their titles and latt update number is given.

Code and Name of the course Latest update
BSB30120–Certificate III in Business Release 1 to release 2
BSB30719 – Certificate III in Work Health and Safety Release 3 to release 4
BSB40320 – Certificate IV in Entrepreneurship and New Business Release 1 to release 2
BSB40520 – Certificate IV in Leadership and Management Release 3 to release 4
BSB50420 – Diploma of Leadership and Management Release 2 to release 3
BSB50620 – Diploma of Marketing and Communication Release 1 to release 2
BSB60520 – Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication Release 1 to release 2

For the complete list of units of competency added/updated/deleted to the BSB training package, please visit

Why BSB Training Package is Updated?

The BSB training package is important. BSB training package trains learners in business services training. Business services training is a propellor of growth. Business services help organisations to deliver better service, manage business and much more. So, updating the package is important to keep it relevant to the demands of learners and businesses. Let us look at more reasons why the BSB Training package is updated.

  • BSB Training package is updated with evolving practices of business to boost businesses.
  • BSB Training package is updated with latest technology whether it is software or digital tools. It helps the learners to stay current and become dynamic in their jobs.
  • BSB Training package is updated with skills so that learners can be better at communication. The training package update focuses on teaching better problem-solving techniques and critical thinking exercises.
  • BSB Training package updates prioritises resource management and marketing and help learners learn these skills with innovative approaches. These skills help organisations manage finances and grow parallelly.
  • BSB Training package is updated to teach learners about the growing needs of sustainable business models and other aspects of sustainability. The updates help the learners learn ethical business practices teaching them fair business practice.

A 3- Step Plan to Apply BSB Training Package Update

Training package updates help them to stay current and useful for the learners. RTOs who are delivering BSB training package can follow the following 3-step plan to successfully apply the BSB training package updates.

Step 1

RTOs delivering BSB training package should first go through the update and understand it completely. They should check if the changes are industry or standards related. They can also consult industry professionals, BSB trainers or BSB training consultants to formulate an action plan to apply the BSB training package update.

Step 2

RTOs will have to identify the units of competency that need revising or deleting. This will help RTOs with compliance and the learning experience of learners. To find out the complete list they can visit

Step 3

Once RTOs figure out which units, courses need change they will transition to the most current version of it. This will require the BSB training and assessment material to align with the update. RTOs will also have to update training and assessment strategies, tools and online learning tools for complete alignment.

Tips to avoid errors and non-compliance while applying BSB training package

Tip 1– RTOs regularly check ASQA’s website and TGA website. ASQA is the national regulator of the VET providers and TGA is the Australian National register for information on training packages and their updates.

Tip 2– To check the compliance requirements after transitioning to the new update, RTOs can check with AQF and the Standards for Registered Training Organisations for RTOs 2015.

Tip 3– The transition period to new update from current qualification is 12 months so RTOs will have to plan accordingly.

Tip 4– RTOs should assess how each step of transition of students to the new courses will affect the outcomes. The students should have least disadvantage while transitioning to new courses.


BSB training packages are important for businesses. The updates give a chance to learners to get the latest training in business services.  These business qualifications help to make informed decisions using critical thinking skills. RTOs can affectively apply BSB updates using the tips and steps described in the blog.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is a BSB Training Package?

A.1 BSB training package has a range of qualifications and units of competency that are certified on a national level by the relevant industries and the VET training regulators.

Q.2 What kind of jobs does BSB training package qualifying learners get?

A.2 BSB training package qualifying learners get Assistant jobs in customer services, office and administration, Entrepreneurs, team leaders, human resource assistants, Managers in procurement, business development and much more.

Q.3 What is the previous version of BSB training package?

A.3 The earlier version of BSB training package is version 7.0. The qualifications have been reduced from 62 to 37 and the units of competency have been reduced to 409 from 559. For more details, please visit here –,throughout%20the%20BSB%20training%20package.  or visit

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