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In this blog, “What does establishment of TRG means for TAE Training and Assessment in Australia?”, we will discuss what is the TRG and what are its benefits for RTOs. Let us begin.

The VET workforce is one of the primary stakeholders of the Vocational Education and Training in Australia. Skills and workforce ministerial council and the Australian government has taken a new initiative to help the VET trainers. They have established a temporary Technical Reference Group (TRG) to support TAE – Training and Education plus the FSK Foundation Skills training packages.

What is Technical Reference Group (TRG) and what is its?

Technical Reference Group (TRG) is a temporary group. It has been established by Skills and Workforce Ministerial Council and the Commonwealth Department of Employment and Workplace Relations of Australia.

The purpose of this group is to assist and offer strong advocacy to the Australian Department of Employment and Workplace Relations. (Department of Employment and Workplace Relations)    DEWR will work to develop better strategies for the TAE (Training and Education) and FSK (Foundation Skills) Training Packages implementation.

Benefits of the Technical Reference Group (TRG) for RTOs delivering the TAE (Training and Education) and FSK (Foundation Skills) Training Packages.

  • Collaboration:

TRG will collaborate with States and Territories of Australia. This collaboration will ensure a more comprehensive approach to vocational education of Training and Education and FSK Foundation Skills Training Packages, promoting consistent standards and quality across Australia.

  • Expert Guidance:

The TRG is composed of experts in the field of vocational education. This will bring together individuals with in-depth knowledge and experience in training and education and skills training. This will boost informed decision-making.

  • Engagement from Industry:

As the TRG includes representatives from industry stakeholders, it promotes better engagement and collaboration between the government and the vocational education sector. This will result in relevant higher education network and effective TAE training and skills training.

  • Quick resolutions:

Technical Reference Group will dedicatedly focus on the effective strategies for the TAE and FSK training packages. This will help the TRG to swiftly address any technical issues or concerns, leading to faster resolutions and smoother operations.

How can RTOs contact Technical Reference Group (TRG) to solve their queries?

RTOs (Registered Training Organisations) can get in touch with the Technical Reference Group (TRG) at trainingproductqueries@dewr.gov.au. This contact email ensures a direct line of communication between RTOs and the TRG for any assistance or general information they need regarding the TAE and FSK training packages.


Technical Reference Group (TRG) though temporary is a revolutionary step for TAE Training and skills training. RTOs delivering Foundation Skills Training Package and TAE Training and Assessment will be able to provide better resources to the learners.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is TAE Training and Assessment package?

A.1 TAE Training and assessment is a qualification for trainers and assessors of the VET sector in Australia. It is set as a requirement by the Australian department of education and training. All trainers and assessors are required to have this qualification. For further information about TAE training and assessment please click here.

Q.2 What is the FSK Training package?

A.2 Foundational skills training packages help adult learners to upskill their low levels of literacy and numeracy. FSK training packages help adult learners in their vocational education journey.

Q.3 Who recommended the establishment of Technical Reference Group (TRG)?

A.3 The Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia (ITECA) strongly recommended the establishment of the technical reference group.

Q.4 Is there a point of contact for RTOs in Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia?

A.4 Member RTOs of Independent Tertiary Education Council Australia can send an email to policy@iteca.edu.au  or telephone 1300 421 017 for information.

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