How to promote your RTO to international students

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How to promote your RTO to international students

With the new-age trends of studying abroad booming by the day, more and more students are choosing to move to faraway countries for further studies. With unlimited options in terms of courses, colleges, and countries to choose from, RTOs and universities worldwide are competing against each other to attract international students to become globally inclusive education institutions. As it is becoming the need of the hour, listed below are a few ways you can promote your RTO to international students.

  1. Be a part of education fairs and events:

    Everyone likes options when it comes to choosing. International students are looking to explore options that give them the best career outlook, whether finalising a college or a course. Education fairs, events, and conferences are the main hubs for international students looking for options under one roof. Here, they can interact and find combinations for courses, locations, and countries they are interested in. Your RTO can benefit tremendously from being a part of this college exploration pool.

  2. Participate in social media groups & community:

    Digitally target the prospective students where they spend the most time at their places of interest. Be a part of groups, forums and communities that discuss and cater to students abroad or planning to move abroad. Advertise your RTOs USPs, benefits and differentiating factors in such discussion groups, answer questions and interact with the prospective students.

  3. Connect with migration agents:

    For an RTO, one of the proven ways to market itself is to connect and collab with migration agents of the countries they are targeting students from. These agents are usually directly interacting with their clients and have more influence on them. Thus, they can help introduce your RTO to the students looking to move to Australia.

  4. Build content across all online platforms:

    One of the most organic ways to lure students worldwide is to provide them with the information they need to help make the decision. Generate content that answers all relevant questions a prospective student may have. Design these snippets of information about the RTO, the courses provided, the facilities, the admission process, and other such important FAQs in formats that the new-age digital student easily consumes. Be it as a social post, a Tik Tok video or a YouTube shot, promote it on all social media platforms and the RTO website.

  5. Organise virtual tours & alumni interactions:

    A prospective student will always have to see and understand what the RTO looks like, and the feel of the campus is important to a student moving abroad for studies. Organise virtual classes, campus tours and online meet-greet with alumni and current students to interact with prospective students. This will give them an idea and understanding of life at your RTO, and they can answer any questions they have to the current/alumni students.

  6. Foster global culture and promote location:

    Keep in mind that when you are promoting your RTO, you are also promoting your RTO culture, the location, and the country, along with the courses you offer and the other learning facilities. It is important to create a culture that students from all over the world can vibe to and feel at home. Hence, it is imperative that while promoting your RTO, ensure to talk about how inclusive and global your students are and how your RTO helps students feel at home while delivering exceptional learning.

  7. Create job opportunities and placements:

    One of the most important things to keep in mind while promoting an RTO is that a bright future and a successful career is the main reason a student moves to a new country and is considering studying in your RTO. Creating job opportunities and having a robust job placement program for students can be the biggest benefit for the RTO as it will build confidence and a sense of security for the future.

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