High demand for IT skills in Australia

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New research shows that IT professionals continue to be in high demand in Australia, with a strong focus on security and Cloud experts across the country.
The latest Hays Quarterly Report has revealed that while overall market conditions are steady, there is still a shortage of ICT professionals in Australia.
Hays said there was a drive to recruit more IT people, especially those skilled in Cloud computing, security, application development and business intelligence.
“The demand for ICT professionals has been strongest since the GFC,” Hays said. “Every sector requires more technical expertise; every sector is recruiting more IT people than 12 months ago.”

Top 5 IT skills in demand in Australia

Hays says that the top five IT skills it is expecting to be in demand at a national level are:

  • Cloud engineers and cloud architects
  • Project managers
  • Network engineers
  • Security GRC (governance, risk, compliance) specialists
  • End-user support professionals

The latest Robert Half Technology Salary Guide reveals that demand for IT professionals is forecast to continue to strengthen in the months ahead, with companies planning to hire various tech staff, including software developers, business intelligence analysts and IT support technicians.
According to the research, software developers are the most sought-after candidates in Australia, with skills in Java, .NET and PHP in greatest demand. This is being driven by the increased uptake of cloud computing solutions and the growth of mobile technologies, with apps increasingly being used by businesses striving to improve customer engagement.
IT security professionals are also expected to be in strong demand. The research found that almost half of CIOs surveyed said they need more staff to address cyber security issues.

Other areas of importance include:

  • network administration
  • firewalls and intrusion detection systems
  • data loss prevention
  • application security and
  • intrusion prevention systems

CIOs are also seeing a growing need for business intelligence (BI) analysts as companies look for cost-effective ways to improve processes and boost their competitive edge in an uncertain economic climate. Finally, there will be an ongoing demand for IT support technicians as companies continue to outsource their helpdesk.

Within Australia’s IT jobs market, the skills in greatest demand are:

  • Cloud Engineers in both AWS and Azure. Demand has increased because of COVID-19 and the resulting growth of virtual working models that require scalable, secure, reliable and cost-effective off-premises technologies;
  • Security Awareness Consultants who can effectively educate employees about online dangers when working remotely;
  • Full Stack Developers with React, Microservices and Cloud (AWS or Azure) experience. Demand is due to increased traffic to businesses’ customer-facing systems.

According to the latest Hays Quarterly Report, IT professionals continue to be in high demand in Australia, with a strong focus on security and cloud experts across the country.
As cyber threats continue to grow, businesses must invest in protecting their systems and data. This demand is being driven by organisations across all industries, not just those traditionally associated with security – said Nick Deligiannis, Managing Director of Hays in Australia & New Zealand.
Deligiannis added that while all aspects of IT infrastructure remained in high demand, there is a distinct shortage of senior candidates with expertise in cloud computing.
Organisations across all industries are migrating to cloud solutions to allow the hybrid working culture – with Computer Weekly reporting that 82 per cent of global IT leaders have increased their use of cloud due to the COVID-19 crisis.
“We can therefore expect Cloud Engineers and Cloud Architects to be among the top tech jobs in 2021. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure are the two primary skills here, with about 80 per cent of the market using these. I predict that demand in this area will be acute and supply will be limited, so it’s certainly a hot area to be working in,” said James Milligan, the Global Head of Technology at Hays.
“We are seeing a significant lift in employers seeking cloud computing skills and experience,” he said. “This is particularly true for mid-level to senior roles in DevOps and development. Candidates with these skills are highly sought after and often hold multiple offers.”
The demand for IT professionals is growing, with a few key areas of focus. The need for more security experts is fascinating. A network system administrator requires about three years’ experience and thrives in this sector. Who knew IT would be so diverse? For budding industry experts, it’s clear that there’s no shortage of opportunities in Australia.
There is more demand than ever for IT professionals in Australia in today’s fast-growing world. With so many job opportunities available in the tech industry right now, it makes sense that students are continuing to choose IT as their field of study. And considering how much of our lives revolve around technology, it’s a good idea for everyone to have some IT skills. Whether you’re interested in an entry-level position or a senior-level position, you’ll likely find something of interest to suit your needs and experience.
As new opportunities increasingly present themselves to IT professionals in Australia, those willing to upskill and learn new skills will stand to gain the most rewards. This presents some exciting challenges for IT and outsourcing companies within Australia, where they will have to do their best to keep pace with shifting technological trends.
With 80% of organisations in Australia preparing to spend more on IT services over the next three years, businesses are acutely aware of the importance and value of investing in skilled employees. If you’re an IT professional, your career prospects look promising so long as you feel competent about dealing with technology’s challenges for Australian businesses today.

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