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ICT resources – Technology is changing and will significantly transform the Australian workforce in the next five to ten years. According to the Australian Computer Society, 2.7 million Australian jobs are at risk from automation over the next fifteen years. Still, more than twice as many jobs can be created if Australia decides to invest in the skills development of its workforce.

As most of the job required skills in new technologies, Australian need different skills. Education and re-skilling the Australian workforce will be crucial in preventing long-term structural unemployment and rising inequality. 

We need to enable continuous learning programs that provide real-time skills acquisition, on-the-job training, and experience-based rapid knowledge transfer, to transition our workforce from declining to emerging opportunities.

As we see day by day, emerging technologies are transforming every industry. By 2021, automation is set to displace 602,700 Australian workers. However, this technological transformation, being driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution will also create new and exciting opportunities. 

Over the next 15 years, an additional 5.6 million new jobs could be added to the Australian economy and 25% of these new jobs will be technology-related roles. Globally, other nations’ investment in skills development and transition to date far outreaches Australia’s spending. 

Australian colleges, TAFEs and Universities are playing a significant role in upskilling and re-skilling Australians. They need to design and market ICT courses, and they also need to increase the awareness of ICT resources. 

Vocational training needs to provide a range of certifications and short courses to meet the technological demand in the future.

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