General English (GE) Level 2

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    The General English program helps international students to get a foundational understanding and knowledge of the language. It also helps students get foundation language skills for travel or business purposes.

    A basic english language to kickstart language skills for students from various diversities and nationalities


    The EAL curriculum aims to ensure that students:

    • Develop fundamental functional English language and literacy skills
    • Learn to listen to, speak, read, view, write and create spoken, print and digital texts, across a growing range of contexts with accuracy, fluency and purpose
    • Understand how Standard Australian English works in its spoken and print forms and in combination with non-linguistic forms of communication to create meaning
    • Develop their communicative skills, linguistic knowledge and cultural understandings in English and their other language/s, to enable their full participation in Australian society

    The General English program is designed to improve students’ English language skills for communication in common life situations as well as for travel or business contexts. 

    Each course curriculum includes, for example:
        • Curriculum structure, including rationale, aims and objectives.
        • Curriculum design overview – main content areas
        • Syllabus e.g. timetables, teaching plans and lesson plans
        • Full list of text books
    We can also provide you with CRICOS and ELICOS compliant policies and procedures. 

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