RPL Kit – MEM31519 – Certificate III in Engineering – Toolmaking Trade

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Our RPL Kits are developed to make valid assessment decisions and are compliant with training standards. Each RPL kit consists of tasks/methods that assess prior learning skills of a student for a particular qualification.

These RPL Assessment Tools are written especially for each qualification, including carefully designed documentation and simple instructions for evidence submission. The kit is designed to cover all unit requirements with a range of appropriate assessment methods.

RPL Assessment Tool/ RPL Kits include:

  • RPL Form for students to complete to meet regulatory compliance, organisational and NCVER requirements.
  • Self assessment kit for students to self assess their skills and knowledge according to training package requirements, and to collect appropriate supporting documentation and evidence.
  • The kit also includes instructions for evidence-gathering tasks (where applicable). As the candidate works through each unit they will need to think about the types of evidence they can provide.
  • Competency conversation kit for assessor to discuss a range of questions with the students to gain understanding of students’ knowledge and skills related to unit/qualification.
  • Demonstrations and observations kit with practical tasks, for the assessor. This document includes different practical tasks relevant to the unit. Assessor will provide relevant tasks to students to perform and the assessor will observe and record the performance.
  • The Third Party Kit, which is to be completed by an independent third party (at the assessor’s discretion if they deem it necessary) who is familiar with the student’s abilities in the workplace and who currently is (or has previously worked) in a supervisory position with the candidate. The third party person is asked to provide feedback on the student’s skills and workplace performance.
  • An Assessor’s kit including detailed instructions, procedures, and recording tools to be used during the process.
  • Questions, activities, and tasks are mapped to the requirements of each unit of competency.
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Core/Elective Units

Core Unit:

1 MEM05006 Perform brazing and/or silver soldering
2 MEM09002 Interpret technical drawing
3 MEM10002 Terminate and connect electrical wiring
4 MEM10009 Install refrigeration and air conditioning plant and equipment
5 MEM10010 Install pipework and pipework assemblies
6 MEM11011 Undertake manual handling
7 MEM12002 Perform electrical/electronic measurement
8 MEM12023 Perform engineering measurements
9 MEM12024 Perform computations
10 MEM13015 Work safely and effectively in manufacturing and engineering
11 MEM14006 Plan work activities
12 MEM16006 Organise and communicate information
13 MEM16008 Interact with computing technology
14 MEM17003 Assist in the provision of on-the-job training
15 MEM18001 Use hand tools
16 MEM18002 Use power tools/hand held operations
17 MEM18055 Dismantle, replace and assemble engineering components
18 MEM27006 Diagnose and rectify batteries, low voltage sensors and circuits
19 MEM27016 Diagnose and maintain electronic controlling systems on mobile and stationary plant
20 MEM27017 Maintain, fault find and rectify hydraulic systems for mobile plant
21 MEM27019 Diagnose, repair and replace diesel engines in stationary and mobile plant
22 MEM27020 Apply knowledge of large combustion engine operations to service and maintenance tasks
23 MEM27023 Diagnose and rectify fieldbus circuits in mobile and stationary plant and equipment
24 MSMENV272 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

Elective Unit:

1 MEM18014 Manufacture press tools and gauges
2 MEM09003 Prepare basic engineering drawing
3 MEM06003 Carry out heat treatment
4 MEM05005 Carry out mechanical cutting
5 MEM05007 Perform manual soldering/desoldering – electrical/electronic components

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