The Four Key Pillars Of The Strategic Plan For A Training Organisation

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Strategic planning is an essential element of any successful training organisation. A well-thought out, decisive and solidified strategy is the key to success when it comes to any business. When setting up a training organisation, you first must have an understanding of the target audience, objectives and activities in order to reach those goals.

Having a strategic plan in place for a training organisation can help you determine the right type of course materials, instructors, and marketing strategies that will contribute towards the success of the business. With such a plan in place, you can plan productive activities and create realistic expectations while also taking all necessary steps toward meeting those expectations.

When you are creating the strategic plan, there are four key pillars which should always be considered. These four pillars support the development and success of the organisation and ensure that its objectives will be met.

Read on to find out more about each pillar and how they fit into your strategic plan.

Pillar 1: Vision & Mission

Creating a strategic plan for a training organisation starts with establishing the organisation’s mission and vision. The mission will explain why the organisation exists and what it hopes to accomplish, while the vision statement outlines what the organisation aspires to be in the future. A good mission statement acts as a guide, keeping all members of the organisation focused on their aims and targets; while a clear vision inspires action, setting out an appealing cycle of improvement and giving everyone involved with the training organisation something positive to strive towards.

Pillar 2: Business Model & Performance Measurement

Planning and alignment of resources is essential for the success of a training organisation. Strategic planning should be done carefully to ensure all aspects of the business are taken into account: including future growth, cash flow, customer satisfaction and achieving objectives.

A training organisation must have performance measurement systems in place to ensure goals are achieved and that resources are applied efficiently in order to provide the highest quality service. Performance measurement should take into account market trends, customer feedback and feedback from internal staff on how the process can be improved upon.

With this information, an effective strategy and plan can then be put in place to help reach desired targets and goals more quickly.

Pillar 3: Human Resources & Technology

A strategic plan for a training organisation should take into account the human resources and technology components. It’s important to ensure that you have the right personnel in place for each element of the training organisation, from administrative support to instruction. Technology also needs to be considered; this could include particular software or hardware need for delivering specific courses and may require investments within budget structures.

Pillar 4: Governance & Compliance

A training organisation must have a strategic plan in place to ensure it meets all statutory, legal, and ethical requirements set forth by governing bodies and stakeholders. This includes ensuring that the organisation is in compliance with any laws and regulations that pertain to its industry, as well as creating clear policies and procedures on topics such as employee safety, financial management, data privacy, intellectual property rights, tuition costs, customer relations management (CRM), and customer satisfaction.

The plan should also include a communications strategy to disseminate this information throughout the company. The strategic plan must be regularly monitored and reviewed to make sure it is up-to-date with all the changes related to new laws or other legal matters. Additionally, organisations should develop performance metrics to assess the effectiveness of their compliance program.

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