Tips to select quality assessment and training resources for your RTO

Tips to select quality assessment and training resources for your RTO Leave a comment

The assessment and learner resources are the most important documents for any RTO. The wrong decision in purchasing resources can lead to compliance issues, or you may need to invest a lot of time and money to fix the assessment and learner resources.

Many of the RTOs that closed after having a significant impact on their operation/registration have one thing in common, their assessment and learner resources are not meeting the Standard requirements.

According to the ASQA report in 2017, more than 75% of RTO’s were non-compliant with standard one (1) of SRTOS 2015. Standard 1 mainly includes training and assessment practices, including assessment and learner resources, trainers and assessors.

Training and assessment practices

Ask for a specific unit of your qualifications sample that you would like to review and purchase.

Before purchasing any resources, you should ask the following questions related to your training and assessment strategy:

  1. Are resources for the classroom, online or workplace delivery?
  2. Tasks are designed for a simulated environment or real workplace?
  3. What structure do you have for practical placement?

Tip 3 – Validate the assessment and learner resources

To avoid any compliance issues, you must ensure that a qualified and experienced validator validates the Assessments and Learner resources. You can ask an external validator to validate your resources before purchase.

Note: You need to make sure that the person who validates the sample resources understands how to validate the unit and has good experience and skills on how to meet training package requirements.

Tip 4 – Select and compare more than two third-party resources

Ensure you have collected more than two third party sample resources to check the quality. This will help you with different options to check who is providing better quality.

Tip 5 – Make sure resources meet AQF volume of learning requirements

Your training resources must meet the training package requirements and volume of learning requirements according to your cohort. You need to make sure that your Learner resources have detailed step by step information, including activities, additional links and references.

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